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Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga

Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Full Spectrum Tantra YogaTM
This advanced course Yoga Teacher Training (RYT500) will start in September 2019.  The Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy (RYS200/500/1000) is registered with the IYN for 200, 500 and 1,000 hour courses.  This will be the registered 500 hour training although the total hours credited towards your 1,000 hour training is 700 hours. The two year training is a unique and profound journey through the chakras, tantric kriya yoga, vinyasa krama and the ancient secret practices of Kaula tantra.  The course delves into the deeper tradition of tantra, taking you beyond the models of how tantra is often presented today.  It will expand your capacity to integrate masculine and feminine energies, clear away the emotional debris that weighs you down, bring you into a sensual and pleasurable connection with Life, free your life force energy and offer you a living expereince of the infinite and eternal both within and around you.  The first year will be a deepening, experiential journey and within the second year you will be guided in how to bring all that you learn into your classes and workshops; deepening and expanding the experience you can offer to your students. See www.fullspectrumtantra.com for more details.

Yoga for Trauma ReleaseTM
A part-time 2 year training for yoga teachers to offer Landa's YTR modality for groups or in one to one sessions.  Starting April 2018 click here for more details.

Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga ~ Nature Connection

Landa offers masterclasses such as 'Yoga for Intimacy', 'The Heart of Tantric Yoga', 'Tantric Bhakti' and 'Introduction to Yoga for Trauma Release'.  She is happy to run these workshops as part of your event or festival, please make contact following the link at the bottom of the page.

Yoga for Trauma ReleaseTM
These sessions offer a healing environment for your body to transform emotional trauma into well-being, release suffering and come home to its natural capacity for health and joy.

You will discover how to release trauma and chronic muscular tensions within the body utilising asana, pranayama, self induced therapeutic tremoring and yoga nidra.  The release of trauma in this way can free up the flow of life force in the body, relieve stress patterns and facilitate you to develop to your full potential. 

This is a safe and effective way of releasing trauma that can help to reduce anxiety, raise energy levels, increase a sense of aliveness and help deveop the capacity to respond appropriately in challenging situations.  It has the potential to open a greater sense of connection to self and others, and to ease the body into a growing sense of love and pleasure.

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