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The Full Spectrum approach aims to enable you to become radically alive, find and follow your life purpose, and connect fully with yourself, life, nature and others.

Landa's sessions work on all levels of your being - physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Combining coaching and counselling with a focus on the body and sensation, inner wisdom/intuition, mindfulness/presence, breath-work, energy work and release techniques offers a unique and transformative way of working.  She facilitates you in coming home to your body and releasing blocks, tensions, trauma and patterns that are held there, clearing away the emotional debris that weighs you down, bringing you into a sensual and pleasurable connection with Life, freeing your life force energy and offering you a gateway to finding and fulfilling your life's purpose.

Full Spectrum Living utilises a 7 stage map of human development.  This map gives us a tool for developing resources in each area of life so that we can embrace life, fully live and express ourselves authentically.  The map is the same for each person, but the journey will be unique.  We all contain certain aspects that make up a whole human being, but these have different strengths, challenges and balances and are expressed in different ways within each of us.  We are all uniquely the same.

Your guide for the journey is Landa Ananda Love

Landa has over 20 years experience of guiding others to reach their full potential. She experienced deep trauma at a young age and tried to overcome this by achieving success in the academic and corporate world. After reaching the ‘top of the ladder’ she had a breakdown in her late twenties.  Realising that since her childhood trauma all of her rainbows had been shrouded in a grey mist, she went on to try many different personal development and healing modalities to try and clear this fog that seemed to cloud even beautiful experiences.  Through trial and error, she managed to create her full spectrum life. She now brings the best of all of these methods, in a well tested structure, to simplify and accelerate others’ journeys.  She is a certified life coach (IICT), meditation teacher (IYN), body-mind therapist (ATTH), advanced yoga teacher (YRT 500, Yoga Elder) and business coach (FCIM). She is also a registered facilitator trainer with the IYN and the IICT.  You can read about some of her clients' experiences here.

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Landa also offers business coaching for heart-centered solo-entrepreneurs and for awakening team leaders in the corporate sector. Please click the here to find out more.

Landa Ananda Love

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